Easy Dry & Go - Blue/Black | TANGLE TEEZER - SMOKE AND SODA

Easy Dry & Go - Blue/Black

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Easy Dry & Go - Blue/Black

This vented blow-dry brush delivers a fast and easy blow-dry and is ideal for fine and medium hair types. The patented teeth technology and unique configuration quickly dries the hair, delivering natural volume, lift and smoothness. The teeth and vent work together for a fuss and frizz-free style that's done your way, on your terms. It simply delivers a style as individual as you. Available in 5 different colours.
Plastic Polypropylene, Dupont Hytrel and ABS. They do not contain latex or dyes.
• Using Easy Dry & Go there are zero rules, so there’s no need to section the hair if you don’t think it’s necessary. • When it comes to choosing a hairdryer, our Easy Dry & Go Vented Hairbrush works well with any dryer. • The reason why you can blow-dry your hair from wet is because the power lies in the teeth. Unlike any other blow-dry brushes, our teeth technology removes excess water from the hair for a quicker and healthier blow-dry. • Because of our unique teeth technology, you can also afford to switch the heat down to a medium setting on your drier. Intense and high heat damages the hair by dehydrating it. • Direct the nozzle of the hairdryer slightly away from the teeth – there’s no need to place directly onto the teeth, and allow the hairdryer to follow the motion of the brush from roots to ends. • You can finish your blow-dry by using the cool setting on your drier to encourage further smoothness.