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Cordless Screwdriver Classic - 3.6V

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Cordless Screwdriver Classic - 3.6V

  • 4N.m maximum torque
  • 12 S2-steel screwdriver bits
  • Three-staged rotary knob for torque adjustment
  • Electric and manual screwing
  • 220rpm rotating speed, Circular LED light

Looking for a handy screwdriver that will make your work easier? Equip yourself with the Hoto QWLSD001 cordless precision screwdriver, which enables you to screw in and remove screws efficiently and is perfect for beginners.

The powerful motor works at up to 220 rpm and the screwdriver offers adjustable torque. Fully charged, it can screw in up to 1000 screws and comes with 12 bits made of S2 steel.