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Push Up Butterfly Leggings

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Push Up Butterfly Leggings
  • PUSH UP tights always make you look tighter and fitter.
  • One Size (suitable for all body types between 45 kg - 75 kg and all sizes between XS-XL.)
  • It gathers with its structure; It makes you look tight and slim up to 3cm.
  • Due to its light color, it may show inside. Recommended for use with nude underwear.
It is made of smart fabric with Push Up, gathering and lifting features. This fabric; It has very durable, light, soft and flexible properties. Push Up, with its lifting and lifting feature, is the complement of even the most difficult top clothing combinations. 
- Produced with welding seam technology - 50+ UVA/UVB protection factor - 74% Polyamide - 26% Elastane