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Self-Inflating Mattress

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Self-Inflating Mattress

  • Ultra-wide & Ergonomic Design
  • Fast Inflation & Detachable Multi-use Air Pump
  • Heightened Design & Super Load-bearing
  • Skin-friendly Material & Silent Sleep
  • Compact & Easy To Store

Unique Pullback Belt & Soft Pillow

Removable air pump for easy charging. Simply disassembling the air pump without carrying the entire kit allows you to charge it anywhere. With the 3 included regular air nozzles, you can inflate/deflate other objects or use it as a picnic flamethrower. Air pump with 2000 mAh large-capacity battery can inflate about 4 beds or sofas when fully charged. USB-C charging allows sharing the charging cable with other devices, saving time and convenience.